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Double Love

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There's a new girl in town - and she's the most relatable character in the series so far. When Annie Whitman's mom marries Walter Thomas and announces that her new husband and his daughter are moving to Sweet Valley, Annie finds herself with a new stepsister. Cheryl, a talented pianist, and Walter, a photographer. are black, and Annie is all too eager to ensure Cheryl fits in in the WASPiest town in America. But Cheryl finds it hard to get used to a town where everyone drives and is obsessed with sport - and where most of them are white. Brace yourselves, this is another book in which SVH attempts to explore issues of race. This show is part of the HeadStuff Podcast Network. For more, go to HeadStuffPodcasts.com, where you can also become a member of HeadStuff+ and get exclusive access to bonus material and lots more.