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Double Love

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Show Notes

It's the end of an era, folks! We've finally reached the last in the classic SVH run - after this, it's all mini-series and evil twins. So it's a shame this book is both boring and depressing. Steven and Cheryl are just good friends - but after they're targeted by racist thugs, emotions run high and they end up kissing. But is there any real chemistry between them? No, but it takes them a whole book to admit it. A heads up re: content: if you're not in the mood for discovering in detail just how racist and easily shocked Sweet Valley is all the way throughout this one, maybe give it a miss and fast forward to the end of the ep to discover what book we're discussing next. If you want to listen to the whole ep, there's a long scene about very nasty racist harassment from roughly 38m to 44m.

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