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Double Love

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Show Notes

Happy Christmas, listeners! To celebrate, we're sharing a special festive episode of our Headstuff+ bonus series Pi Beta Alpha - and if you like what you hear, you can sign up to Headstuff+ and join us in the PBA clubhouse every fortnight at headstuffpodcasts.com. It's Christmas in Sweet Valley (again!). And while Liz attempts to single-handedly organise the Toys for Tots Christmas party, the rest of the gang are heading to the mountains for a festive fiesta in Shred's dad's ski lodge. Will they leave Elizabeth to wrangle the tots alone? Jessica and Lila have no interest in the Christmas spirit - until they fall asleep during a massage and are visited by three delightful and strangely familiar ghosts, who show them the error of their ways. This truly is a deadly Christmas!

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