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Double Love

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Show Notes

Open a can of your favourite beverage, help yourself to some onion dip and join us as we bid farewell to our favourite psychopath! As the day of her "eternal transformation" approaches, Margo is getting extremely cocky, as well she might given how dozy everyone is in this town. She's disposed of the extremely gullible Ned and Alice (who have a rude awakening in San Francisco) and taken care of Josh and James. Who will stop her deadly scheme? And will Liz's increasingly detailed Jungle Prom dreams reveal the truth about how she got drunk that night? We're back together in the studio - with the jingle bells and some booze - to find out!  This show is part of the HeadStuff Podcast Network. For more, go to HeadStuffPodcasts.com, where you can also become a member of HeadStuff+ and get exclusive access to bonus material and lots more.