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Everybody Is A Poem
Sound Body with Angela Dorgan

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Show Notes

My guest this week is Angela Dorgan, we sat down towards the end of last year, and I am so happy to finally share this episode. Angela is a woman full of love , joy and encouragement. She is the CEO of First Music Contact  www.firstmusiccontact a national resource organization for musicians and bands in Ireland. Angela is a powerful advocate for the Irish arts and the Irish music industry internationally ;we spoke about her work with the FMC and her continued passion, pride and commitment to the work that she does 

"It's such an honour to do what I do for a living"

In 2021 Angela received a breast cancer diagnosis. Following extensive treatment and surgery Angela is doing well and we spoke about her beloved friend Kathy who she lost to cancer in 2018 , the return of her beautfiul hair and the language that is used around cancer.

I read Angela a new poem 'Sound Body ' and we celebrate the power of our bodies to heal and deal with all that life throws at it. We discuss how we talk to oursleves about our own bodies, the internal dialogue which isnt always kind "there's only one person guaranteed to be nice to you and that's you !"

And as I do with all of my guests, I ask her if I were to write a poem for her what would be the theme. It seems though that her brother the acclaimed Irish poet and author Theo Dorgan has already written Angela as a poem!

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