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Through Love with Julie Jay

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Show Notes

My guest this week on the Season 1 finale of Everybody Is A Poem is comedian and writer Julie Jay. 

I read Julie a new poem 'Through Love' and with natural generosity, warmth and humour, Julie talks falling in love, getting the shift in the smoking section and marriage.

"I think love is in the granular when you're married"

Julie tells me about her fascination with Britney Spears and her current live show 'Oops This Is Toxic' , the funniest show she has ever done.  It's "comedy with an edge" she says.

We chat about her parenting column , the value of writing honestly about being a mammy, and the power in finding your own voice.

Come and listen to me and Julie wherever you get your podcasts. 

And while I take a short break to work on book number 2 and season 2, you can catch up on all of season 1 at https://headstuffpodcasts.com/show/everybody-is-a-poem

Stay tuned though for a very special Behind The Lines