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Ep 58: We STILL Are Shampoo!

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Show Notes

Shampoo were a breath of fresh Ari that ran simultaneous through pop and brit pop in the mid-nineties. The band that actually took Girl Power mainstream were catapulted to fame when their song "Trouble" became a monster hit.

In this episode we chart their journey from indie darlings to "Top Of The Pops". Throughout it all they were never swayed from what they wanted to do. They wrote all of the songs, did all of their own styling and had strong ideas about how Shampoo were presented and they were Left to their own devices to get on with it. They became hugely successful in Japan and ended up on the rich list.

We chat about their success, their beginnings, the spice girls and the accounting error that ended their time on a major label and how they became one of the first bands to sell their music via a website.

Cherry Red is reissuing all of Shampoo's albums in a deluxe boxset. You can grab it here!

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