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#183 | Frankie Fenton/ Kathryn Kennedy | Director and Producer of Atomic Hope, OUT THIS WEEKEND

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Show Notes

Two of the nicest guests and one a repeat offender on Fni Wrapchat Director Frankie Fenton (from 5 years ago...Can you believe) and Producer Kathryn Kennedy, dropped by the studio to chat with Paul Butler Lennox @paulbutlerlennox and Paul Webster @paulwebsterfilms

Their new feature 'Atomic Hope' is out in Irish and UK Cinemas on the 17th of February.

It's a VERY VERY interesting watch that will shift perspectives on how we produce our energy. Join the debate by supporting at the cinema this weekend. 

Is nuclear energy the solution to the climate crisis? Whether it is the only carbon-neutral technology capable of tackling the crisis or a fatally convenient stopgap, time is running out.

Atomic Hope – Inside the Pro-Nuclear Movement is an observational Irish feature documentary which follows a tiny group of highly unpopular “pro-nuclear” activists. They controversially believe we now need to urgently re-address our feelings on nuclear power if we are to have any hope of decarbonizing our energy systems before the effects of catastrophic climate change wreak havoc.

These advocates have been filmed internationally over a ten-year period, facing clashes and opposition at every juncture. A sordid history of nuclear meltdowns, radiation fears and nuclear waste are just some of the very serious issues traditional environmentalists have with this contentious technology. However, in the face of this pushback and conflict, they argue that, “science and data is all we have”. Their alarming call to action, while in tandem with Gretta’s global environmental demand for decarbonization, is drowned out in the streets. But for better or worse?

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