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#192 | Claire Dix & Liam Carney – Sunlight | (Fastnet Film Festival Special Pt. 1) brought to you by RamblingRover.ie podcast artwork

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#192 | Claire Dix & Liam Carney – Sunlight | (Fastnet Film Festival Special Pt. 1) brought to you by RamblingRover.ie

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Show Notes

Welcome to a very special edition of the FNI Wrapchat Podcast Hosted by Paul Butler Lennox, Keith O'Grady and Paul Webster, this is the first of two we'll be releasing this week, which we recorded live from our lovely campervan provided by Rambling Rover.ie at the Fastnet Film Festival in West Cork in 2023! As always are excited to bring you exclusive interviews with some of Ireland's top filmmakers, actors, and industry insiders. 

Film Network Ireland (FNI) is delighted to announce that we have partnered up with Arri and Windmill lane as sponsors to support the organization's efforts in engaging and connecting film professionals in Ireland. 

Film Network Ireland is an umbrella network of thousands of professionals working in Ireland's film and television industry, dedicated to promoting, supporting and advancing film culture. Arri, the world-renowned film technology company, is sponsoring FNI as part of its commitment to empowering global talent and promoting the art of storytelling through cinema. Windmill lane is a giant in the Irish Film and Tv arena and we are looking forward to working with them to help develop this unique partnership.

FNI focuses on nurturing emerging talent across Ireland and puts forward a unified voice of the Irish film industry. The company's overarching goal is to support, connect and develop sustainable careers in the Irish film industry. 

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Through this partnership, Arri and Windmill lane not only supports creativity in Ireland but also establishes a strong presence in the Irish film industry, thus, opening up opportunities for Irish talent to participate in International productions down the line.

In this episode, we are joined by Director Claire Dix and Actor Liam Carney from the feature film Sunlight, which screened at this year's festival to critical acclaim. Claire Dix is an award-winning director and educator known for her powerful and moving documentary work and her stunning debut Doc feature film, Broken Song and her recent collaboration with Barry Ward… Swimming, which has continued into this film. Liam Carney, who plays Ivor is a seasoned actor with a wealth of experience in film, television, and theatre, with notable roles in Gangs of New york, to the popular Irish TV series such as Love/Hate, Glenroe and more recently Fair City Liam has numerous film and tv credits Including most recently Barber, and his brilliant performance in the Series the Virtues for Shane Meadows. 

We have two very exciting events coming up this Summer Fni Fast fest and our hugely popular FNI Expo event will return later in the year. More details will be announced.

In two separate interviews they discuss the making of Sunlight, a gripping dramady which will be released soon across the UK and Ireland by Wildcard Distribution. They share their insights into the creative process, the challenges of bringing such a complex and warm story revolving around the important issue of euthnesia to life, and their own personal experiences in the Irish film industry over the years.

So sit back, relax, and let's dive into the world of Sunlight and the incredible talent behind it. This is the FNI Wrapchat Podcast, and we're here to celebrate Irish film and the people who make it possible. If you enjoy this show why not deep dive into our back catalogue and pop over to support us on buymeacoffe.com/fni 

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