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Show Notes

 In this episode of For Tech’s Sake, we dive into the landfill of digital waste to turn up some nuggets of information we hope you’ll re-use. Tech waste involves more than just devices getting dumped, too. We also lose the precious and finite materials these devices contain. And, though it’s not apparent to us, our digital detritus of messages, selfies and endless streams of data has a physical footprint.

To understand more, we spoke to Gerry McGovern, author of World Wide Waste and host of the podcast of the same name.

You can follow Gerry on Mastodon at @[email protected]. We’ve also included a link his previous interview with Jenny on SiliconRepublic.com, as well as some other links listeners might find useful.


Silicon Republic interview: https://www.siliconrepublic.com/enterprise/gerry-mcgovern-digital-pollution-e-waste

World Wide Waste podcast episode with Josh Lepawsky: https://www.thisishcd.com/episode/josh-lepawsky-pernicious-myth-of-digital-as-ethereal

Dublin’s Tog Hackerspace, which sometimes hosts a Repair Café: https://www.tog.ie/

Ireland’s repair and reuse directory: http://www.repairmystuff.ie/

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