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Keep It Tight
Stay out of the way of sting rays and crocodiles!

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Show Notes

This week Deirdre and Emma celebrate our new national holiday, Cillian Murphy Day, on a mild hangover after the first Drogheda comedy festival. There was dancing on tables, seven snugs for seven brothers, and sure, didn’t they do a lot for the town?

Emma regales us with tales from inside a women’s prison, which Deirdre could handle by the way - she went to boarding school don’t you know?

They sort out Russell Crowe’s next big role, are perplexed by Gwyneth Paltrow, and muse over whether you can be thick and win an Oscar.

Deirdre’s inner Bob Geldof is rearing to go and Emma reckons she knows how to drum up some money in RTÉ. Enjoy!

This episode contains explicit language and adult themes.

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Producer: Laura Greene

Artwork: Alan Bourke -Tuffy

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