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Phoning It In
116: 2022 Christmas Special

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Show Notes

Ho ho ho! It's the 2022 Christmas Special so this week's callers and guests are all joining us in the spirit of the holiday season…

Rick, one of Santa’s elves, is not happy with the changes at The North Pole. John is a policeman who’s trapped in a hostage situation at a Christmas party. Philip is obsessed with Christmas and wants everyone to be as excited as him.

Dave's special guest joining him in the studio is none other than Frosty The Snowman!

Featuring the Christmassy comic stylings of Aoibhin Murphy, Mark Cantan, Pearl O'Rourke, Hannah Mamalis, Amy Hughes, Clara DeBrun, Peter McGann, Ali Fox, Laura O'Leary, Ro Carey and John Spillane.

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