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S4 Ep10: Talking Nigeria with Emi and Victory

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Show Notes

Nigeria is a complex place, in terms of food, history, geography, and its three hundred

plus ethnicities. Edizemi Onilenla, or Emi, founder of the culinary brand Mama Shee,

grew up in Nigeria. Victory Nwabu-Ekeoma, founder of Bia! Zine is from Dundalk. Emi

is Yoruba, and Victory is Igbo. Emi says, ‘every tribe has its own vegetable.’

Emi came to Ireland as a social worker and then started cooking the food of her home,

which she started in the Dublin markets and is now widely recognised and carried by

shops like SuperValu. We are honoured to have her soup, Efo Riro, in our Soup

cookbook, recently published by Blasta Books.

Victory is a writer and photographer, who became curious about her origins and, from

there, delved into other immigration stories in her publication Bia! Zine.

They talk about ingredients like peppers, palm oil, leafy greens, and crayfish powder.

Where do they shop? Why do they love their food to be blazing hot? With Dee and

Blanca, Emi and Victory discuss the two-Michelin starred Ikoyi restaurant in London and

the future of Nigerian cuisine in Ireland.

Plus, there is a guy called Tony. With his produce and his van, he has made both of

these wonderful women feel at home.

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