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S4 Ep8: Chatting with Kristin Jensen & Blasta Books #5 SOUP

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Show Notes

We talk to American-born editor, writer, and publisher, Kristin Jensen, who has had

quite the year. Founder of Blasta Books and Nine Bean Rows Books, as well as the

long-form magazine Scoop magazine (helmed by our own Dee Laffan), Kristin has been

shaking things up on the Irish food scene.

Her first endeavour, Tacos, written by our friend and guest Lily Ramirez, attracted

international attention. She’s published our mate and guest Kwanghi Chan’s book, Wok.

Her Nine Bean Rows book, And For The Mains, written by Gaz Smith and Rick Higgins,

won a much-coveted IACP award.

She’s also the publisher for our book, Soup!

Kristin tells us about her motivation for giving a voice and a platform for people who

were unheard; what makes an elegant recipe; what comprises a gorgeous cookbook;

and why her books should be accessible to everyone.

How does a graceful, well-mannered girl from Illinois start an Irish food writing

revolution? Tune in to find out.

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