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S3E14: Unveiling Childhood Mental Health Disorders: Strategies for Parents with Dr Elizabeth Barrett podcast artwork

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S3E14: Unveiling Childhood Mental Health Disorders: Strategies for Parents with Dr Elizabeth Barrett

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Show Notes

Is your child's mental health hiding in plain sight? This week's episode of the Baby Tribe podcast tackles the monumental subject of childhood mental health and parenting. We reflect on our own experiences growing up under protective parents and discuss how open communication can better equip children to handle life's challenges. We dive deep into cultural differences in parenting styles, the importance of fostering resilience, and why addressing mental health openly is crucial, especially given the stark statistics on youth suicide in Ireland.

 Today's children face a multitude of stressors, from school exams and body image issues to the pressures of social media and future anxieties. Joined by child psychiatrist Dr. Elizabeth Barrett, we examine how misinformation online compounds these problems and why it's vital for schools to provide accurate mental health resources. Additionally, we address the shocking data on racism and religious discrimination affecting young minds. Dr. Barrett offers practical strategies to help parents recognize emotional distress in children and emphasizes the necessity of tailored mental health support, enhancing school-based services, and improving accessibility to CAMHS.

 Finally, we explore the intricate relationship between social media and adolescent mental health. While acknowledging the risks of online bullying and the impact of social media on self-esteem, we also highlight potential benefits, like supportive online communities. Parents will appreciate our practical tips on setting phone boundaries and the delicate balance between monitoring and allowing freedom. We call for stronger responsibilities from social media companies and legislators to create safer online environments. Wrapping up, we stress the foundation of good mental health: consistent sleep, regular exercise, and reconnecting with nature. Don't miss this enlightening conversation designed to equip parents with the tools to support their children's mental well-being.

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