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The Baby Tribe
S3E9: Embracing the Touch of Love: The Magic of Baby Massage

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Show Notes

Discover the transformative power of touch and the emotional rollercoaster of parenting as we take you through the highs and lows of raising little ones. Our conversation brings laughter and empathy to your parenting journey, whether you're navigating the NICU or just trying to get an apology out of a toddler. We share how the simplest gestures, like the hand hugs and bonding squares in the neonatal ward, can forge unbreakable bonds and significantly improve health outcomes for both babies and parents.

 Join us as we unravel the mysteries of ear cleaning, debunk feeding myths, and reveal the unexpected benefits of parent-led baby massage. We promise to equip you with knowledge that will not only deepen your connection with your child but may also offer relief for the likes of colic and sleepless nights.

 Our guest, Paediatric & neonatal nurse Karen Prunty from Little Roo Village (Instagram: @little_roo_village), brings her expertise on baby massage to the table, underscoring the value of this nurturing practice for infant well-being and parental mental health. Through engaging stories and professional insights, we celebrate the nuances of family life and the indomitable spirit of parenthood.

 Wrap up your day with a podcast episode that applauds the resilience of single mothers, champions the role of empathy in neonatal care, and recognizes the importance of community in the parenting adventure. As we share anecdotes and professional experiences, we aim to support and empower you, the listener, on your path to becoming a confident and connected caregiver. So, settle in and prepare to be touched, quite literally, by the stories and strategies that make parenting the most rewarding challenge you'll ever face.

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