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S3 Ep7: Speed

Pop Quiz Hotshots! If the laughs per minute (‘lpms’) go below 50 this podcast is going to explode… what do you do? What do you do!!?

Listen in as Ed, Dre and Trev deep dive all things Reeves, Bullock, Hopper, and explosives!  ...
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S3 Ep6: Top Gun

As Top Gun Maverick drops on all streamers today it’s time for Ed, Dre and Trev to dial the clock back to 1986 to talk all things Ice-Man, Maverick and macho, sweaty...
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S3 Ep5: CineStreamClub’s Top 9 Summer Movies

After a little break from recording to take some summer R&R, Ed, Dre and Trev return to the CineStreamClub to talk about each of their own top 3 summer movies… 9 mov...
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S3 Ep4: Jaws

I’ll catch a shark! 
It’s…. JAWS

Trev, Ed and Dre take a deep dive into shallow waters to talk all things Quint, Hooper, Brody, and the sexy book versio...
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S3 Ep3: GoldenEye

007 baby!

Navan man Pierce Brosnan made waves in 1995 when he landed the role of 007 for a new generation of bond movies with GoldenEye… But was he a good b...
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S3 Ep2: Boogie Nights

Trev, Dre and Ed go all the way back to 1997 to a movie which in turn goes all the back to 1977 to the golden era of the porno! We pop our PTA cherry with Dirk Diggl...
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