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‘Join The Cast’ votes are now open!

We have officially come to the final stage in the HeadStuff ‘Join The Cast’ competition. This means that you can have your say on which podcast should be crowned the ‘Join The Cast’ 2024 winner. The winner will have a full season produced here at HeadStuff Podcasts for you to enjoy.

The successful podcast will be awarded €50,000 in production and marketing. This includes full podcast production at The Podcast Studios, a marketing campaign to launch the show, and guidance from our amazing team.

To vote, you must simply listen to each trailer and/or pilot produced for our 5 finalists:

FREAKS by Sophie Hearne

As an anthropologist Sophie is mad about all things human! We’re rather unique compared to the rest of the animal kingdom; we manufacture and keep pets, we cry when we’re sad, we document, and we choose not to walk around in the nip, we’re complete freaks of nature considering no other animal does any of the above! FREAKS is going to delve into all the weird and wonderful things us human beings do that no other animal does.

The Junior B Things Podcast by James McDowell

There are 100s of GAA podcasts, all of which look at analysing the big games. The Junior B Things Podcast has no interest in that. At its heart GAA is about the people within the community; everyday people that everyone in the club knows something about. This is a show about those people. 

Scanrach by Cherise Hanvey and Kori Schagunn

Cherise Hanvey is a paranormal investigator with over 15 years experience. She has travelled around Ireland visiting Ireland’s most haunted places. Kori Schagunn is a comedian and improviser who has a keen interest in the paranormal but doesn’t know the first thing about it. Join Scanrach as they visit, discuss, and investigate Ireland’s most haunted places and spooky folklore. 

Threads by Danielle Olavario

Through engaging conversations with a diverse range of guests, Stitches will explore the intimate connections between people and their clothing. By highlighting these personal stories, the podcast aims to revive a sense of appreciation for our garments, urging listeners to view them not as mere commodities but as tangible records of the human experience.

Who’s in a Name by Ben Butler

Our name is the thing that is most unique to us. It is how we are branded at birth, and it is our interface with the world. In this podcast, we’ll cover the phenomena of naming people, places and things.

To vote visit click here and give each trailer a star rating. And if you would like to listen to a full pilot just search ‘Join The Cast’ on your podcast platform of choice!