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Join The Cast Winner Announced

We are delighted to announce that we have a winner for our Join The Cast Competition. Join The Cast started back in October of 2023. We had over 100 submissions who submitted a 3-minute audio or video clip pitching their podcast idea. The entries were judged by a selection of big names in the podcast game, including Tony Cantwell (Tony Cantwell’s Hit Show), Naomi O’Leary (Irish Passport Podcast), and Gearoid Farrelly (Agony Rants), among others.

First Place: ‘Threads’

‘Threads’ hosted by Danielle Olavario is the winner of our first prize. Olavario’s show will ‘explore the intimate connections between people and their clothing.’ Each episode will feature engaging conversations with a diverse range of guests and aims to revive a sense of appreciation for our garments. 

You can now look forward to threads joining the HeadStuff Podcast Network. The show has won an incredible €50,000 in production and marketing. This includes full production at The Podcast Studios, guidance from HeadStuff, and a full marketing campaign to launch the show. 

‘I’m so excited to start working with HeadStuff on this project – and learning from the best in the business. I genuinely believe that we can trace the stories of our lives through clothes. The prevalence of fast fashion has made people wear things once and forget about them. But I think in doing that, we miss out on something special. This is what I’m so excited to do with Threads. It’s all about bringing back the magic to our clothes and showing how they’re more than just fabric – they’re part of our journey. The competition process has already been so rewarding, and I’ve already connected with some of my fellow finalists. I want to thank the people who voted and made this possible for me – especially my family. I can’t wait to get started!’ – Danielle Olavario

You can still listen to the full pilot of ‘Threads’ here

Second Place: 

‘The Junior B Things Podcast’ hosted by James Mc Dowell came in at second place, winning the Deluxe Podcaster Package. The package includes a 1-hour consultation with our experts, 3 hours of recording in our premium studio, 3 hours of editing, and music supplied for the trailer and episode. 

There are 100s of GAA podcasts, all of which look at analysing the big games. The Junior B Things Podcast has no interest in that. At its heart GAA is about the people within the community; everyday people that everyone in the club knows something about. This is a show about those people. 

You can listen to the full pilot of ‘The Junior B Things Podcast’ here

Third Place: 

Last but not least, ‘Freaks’ hosted by Sophie Hearne won the Podcaster Starter Package. This includes a 30-minute consultation with our experts, 1 hour of recording in the studio, and 1 hour of editing. 

As an anthropologist Sophie is mad about all things human! We’re rather unique compared to the rest of the animal kingdom; we manufacture and keep pets, we cry when we’re sad, we document, and we choose not to walk around in the nip, we’re complete freaks of nature considering no other animal does any of the above! FREAKS is going to delve into all the weird and wonderful things us human beings do that no other animal does.

You can listen to the full pilot of ‘Freaks’ here