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Spice Bags win at Irish Food Writers Awards 2023

Spice Bags’ hosts Mei Chin, Blanca Valencia and Dee Laffan may have sadly hung up the headphones earlier this year but that doesn’t mean that they have stopped receiving the praise they deserve. 

Spice Bags won Gold at this year’s Irish Food Writers Awards hosted at the RDS Dublin on October 26th. It is the second time our formidable foodies were awarded Irish Food or Drink Podcast of the year.

Named after everyone’s favourite Chinese-Irish drunk snack, Spice Bags is all about Ireland’s relationship with food from the outside world.

Mei, Blanca and Dee are three multicultural women living in Ireland, who love to chat about the food they love, and sometimes hate, interviewing people in Ireland and abroad who are helping to shape the culture of food here, and always asking questions like – How have Chinese restaurants changed not just the dining options in Ireland but the communities where they exist? Why are so many Irish cheeses made by women? Why does Dee get chills at the thought of “Cold Ribena”?

You can find the entire back catalogue of Spice Bags episodes here on HeadStuffPodcasts.com or wherever you listen to your favourite shows.