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100th Episode: Congratulations Phoning It In!

Phoning It In has reached the great podcasting mile-stone that is 100 episodes. They are celebrating with a special extended episode which features an all-star cast of 15 Phoning it in regulars Stephen Bradley, Ali Fox, Aoife Spratt, Tony Cantwell, Erin McGathy, Fionn Foley, Ronan Carey, Kelly Shatter, Laura O’Leary, Hannah Mamalis, Mark Cantan, Sophie Shanley, Kevin McGahern, Pearl O’Rourke and Luke Benson.

Phoning It In was launched in 2018 and is hosted by Dave Coffey who wrote and directed Dan & Becs for RTE.Phoning It In is an improvised phone-in show. Coffey acts as host while the callers are played by comedians, actors and improvisers who don’t know what they will be discussing until they are introduced on air.In 2020, Coffey produced and hosted a spin-off to Phoning It In called Talking It Out for RTÉ. The show is an improvised topical panel show. The regular guests are caricatures of typical panel show guests played by comedy performers Kevin McGahern, Pearl O’Rourke, Peter McGann and Sophie Shanley.

The show was released weekly as both a cartoon on the RTÉ Player and as a podcast with bonus content. To keep the show topical, Coffey and his team produced the cartoon version within 36 hours of recording using the live motion-capture animation software Adobe Character Animator.We’re looking forward to 100 more episodes. Big Congratulations to all of the Phoning In In crew!Phoning It In is released weekly, on Mondays and bonus material is available to subscribers to Headstuff+.