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‘Basically…with Stefanie Preissner’ Is Back!

Stefanie Preissner is back for a new season of ‘Basically.’ This season Stefanie will be taking all the recent news stories and making sense of them. The season has a fantastic lineup of guests including Neale Richmond, Hugh O’Connell and of course fan favourites Luke O’Neill & Robert Whelan. Basically started back in 2020, and in the past four years the show has become a HeadStuff fan favourite, featuring guests like Michael Martin and Ryan Tubridy. 

Stefanie also has a brilliant lineup of guests on her exclusive HeadStuff+ bonus episodes. There will be laid-back behind-the-scenes chats with Pj Gallagher, Luke O’Neill and Stefanie’s husband Noel Byrne. 

“I’m back, basically. Tune in. You’re gonna learn loads. I’m excited about this season and really grateful to our two wonderful sponsors for making this season possible.” – Stefanie Preissner 

New episodes are out every Tuesday and can be found on HeadStuffPodcasts.com or wherever you get your podcasts. 

This season of Basically is sponsored by Mater Private Network & Rockwell Financial.

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