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‘Keep It Tight’ Launch HeadStuff+ Bonus Series

‘Keep It Tight’ hosted by Deirdre O’Kane and Emma Doran is one of the latest chart-topping additions to HeadStuff Podcasts. For fans that just can’t get enough of the show, we have good news for you. 

‘Thanks a Milf’ is the brand new bonus podcast from Deirdre O Kane and Emma Doran. If your Wednesday dose of ‘Keep It Tight’ isn’t quite enough, we’re thrilled to invite you to get on HeadStuff+ for a Friday installment of ‘Thanks a Milf.’


The first episode of ‘Thanks a Milf’ invites you behind the scenes as Deirdre shares the accident on the way to the Tommy Tiernan show that cost her €1600 as well as another brush with the law. 

The girls also muse over the terror that is being a freelance ‘artiste’ with no pension. They’re also looking into the cult of men and their football injuries, some heartbreaking sports day stories, and that time when Emma realised who ‘The Gooch‘ was.

‘Our Keep It Tight listeners have been so brilliant – we wanted to say Thanks a Milf and create a space where we can delve even deeper, share a bit more of our personal lives and get to know our listeners a bit more.’ – Emma 

‘We’re really looking forward to hearing from our listeners and what they’d like us to talk about.’- Deirdre

To access bonus content and to support the show, become a member of HeadStuff+ from as little as €5 (+VAT) per month at here